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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christmas Greetings

The important tradition during Christmas is taking photos and sending greetings. There is one great idea that could make a remarkable difference to the greetings you send. The best option would be to make a personalized Christmas photo frame with your own greetings message and Christmas charms.

You could also have the photos of the kids on the Christmas frame. Also, make sure that the frame emphasizes the traditional side of the holiday. You could also put photographs of the entire family while they are decorating the Christmas tree and place it in the frame to make it most attractive and also enjoyable.

This is certainly an exciting and fun way to express your Christmas greetings

Unique Personalized Picture Frames

Luckyframe introduces the first magnetic photo frame
system, enabling customers to detail photo memories as never before by
using clever snap-on dangle charms, the alphabet and number links.

The affordable frames feature hidden
magnetic borders which can be decorated and re-decorated with an array
of dazzling enamel and stainless steel magnetic charms, alphabet and
number links.

  • Frames are available in an array of
    different sizes and colors!
  • Charms
    and links may be positioned anywhere along the border of the frame

If you need a more creative
way to showcase the memories behind the photo without just recording a
simple date on the photo backing - LuckyFrame magnetic frames allow you to
record a moment in time so that the frame tells the story for everyone
to see!

LuckyFrame offers over 54 magnetic theme charms to help celebrate
different occasions including love and friendship, wedding, new baby,
graduation and more. The detailed theme charms made from enamel and
stainless steel.

"Our magnetic frames are effortless, fun and most importantly make a
quick and inexpensive personalized gift item or gift add-on. Photos
only tell part of the story. Our snap-on charms enable you to easily
express your personal style, immortalizing photo moments and memories

Have a wonderful shopping experience! We hope you will enjoy our service and our products! Let us know if you have questions or want to leave a feedback about our service.

LuckyFrame magnetic photo frames and charms are available for
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Personalized Picture Frames - How To Create Your Own

We all have memorable occasions with remarkable and unforgettable moments. We love to photograph places, events, people we love and wish to remember. Our favorite photographs are our precious memories and we want to have them close to us. Of course, we put them in beautiful, adorable picture frames to enhance the beauty and significance.

There are so many elegant classic, and modern picture frames available today. Many frames bring out colors, and shades, give style and appeal, but can they tell the story?

Personalized picture frames can! online store is one of the resources for unique picture frames. This company is specializing in custom personalized picture frames. Patented letters made of stainless steel along with decorative charms and patented framing colorful canvas give you ability to fully customize and personalize your picture frame.

It only takes minutes to design a very unique, your own picture frame online and have it shipped to you, or anyone else as a personal gift from you. Frames always come fully assembled.

What's the most exciting step in this frame creation process?

The ability to create your frame with your own inspirational phrases, your selection of charm decorations makes it difficult to start. But, once you start, it is not easy to stop. New ideas just keep on coming! designers have created pre-made personalized picture frames for you in different categories. Each of the pre-made frame can be personalized further, and very often is being used as a starting point.

You have to remember while choosing the right picture frame that it should complement its content, be it a photograph, or any other piece of artwork. It also should pull attention and emphasize significance. And that is why personalized frames have so much advantage over plain picture frames.

Visit for a unique creative experience and learn more.